HHA BV Live is an online service to list information about unclaimed estates held by HM Treasury Office where a person has died intestate (without a will) in England and Wales, and no next of kin has been located or come forward to claim these estates.

Over 11,000 estates remained unclaimed from 1997 to present day which can be accessed by the public via www.gov.uk or via the members area of www.hha-uk.com where a more detailed analysis is available and details of how and when members of the public or their agents (HHA/FPAR members) can consider lodging a claim.

HHA BV LIVE updates regularly throughout each day as new unclaimed estates are published, and existing ones updated, it thus saves subscribers time in checking the BV web site for new estates especially those which are of greater interest, often by location.

The value of estates advertised are NOT known as part of BVs ongoing policies.

Data started to be added to HHA BV LIVE from January 2013, and some estates may have been claimed and thus marked resolved. Claimed estates, although removed from the BV site remain on the HHA BV LIVE web site to enable researchers to follow up on estates being researched which have now been claimed by another researcher or heir, and are, or are heading into administration.

On July 1 2013 BV merged the data previous help on a monthly list so that there is now a single list. HHA BV Live records all unclaimed lists and claimed estates for pre 2013 estates on HHA BV Live

Our unique service also gives subscribed members the option to update a notes area of any resolved case with for example the name and contact details of the administrator. Just because an estate has been claimed does not exclude one or more valid heirs from making a claim against the estate via the appointed ADMINISTRATOR to an estate.

Some estates may have been claimed direct by blood relatives who are NOT entitled to share in the estate proceeds which cause legal dilemmas to estates being researched by HHA members who have signed one or more legitimate heirs to unclaimed estates. BV release funds up to £15,000 on a simple disclaimer and have no further responsibility for those funds once paid out to a claimant.

Where no information on who is the Administrator is on HHA BV LIVE enquires must be directed to BV as the HHA do not have this information unless or until subscribers post this information.

Subscribers can search the database on keywords and access information about the deceased including where available additional background family or/and genealogical information to assist them with tracing and verifying heirs.

Subscribers can set up EMAIL ALERTS to notify them of new estates added by BV using a wide range of options.

Subscribing to HHH BV LIVE costs just £10 a month with no long term commitment - it enables researchers to get prior knowledge of new unclaimed estates in their local area by getting email ALERTS of each new case matching their needs. 

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